4000 square meters of own workshop, support factory inspection


Has 20 injection molding equipment, 16 mold processing equipment, 6 quality inspection equipment


The company has 12 equipment technicians, 5 quality inspectors and 40 operators

Main products

Plastic products, molds, gold-plastic products, logo customization, product assembly, packaging customization


We have multiple transportation channels and agents to match you with the most economical and short-term logistics

Customer Service

After receiving the inquiry information, we will reply you within 24 hours, and our engineers will provide technical advice and services throughout the process

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Professional one-stop service

JUNTAI has a complete supply chain and equipment, and can customize bulk products to meet the different needs and requirements of customers.

  1. 1
    Plastic rubber silicone product customization

    The factory produces 30 sets of rubber products equipment (including 16 sets of injection molding machines and 14 sets of rubber and silicone injection molding equipment); our main products are high-quality plastic shells (chargers, routers, etc.) and rubber and plastic products ( Rubber pads, encapsulation, etc.), silicone products (medical equipment, children’s toys, etc.), our main advantages are high production efficiency, quality commitment, and cost can be controlled according to;

  2. 2
    Mold customization and hardware processing

    We have 21 sets of mold processing equipment (5 CNC machining centers; 6 grinding machines; 3 milling machines; 2 drilling machines; 1 polishing machine; 2 spark machines; 1 laser engraving machine; 1 lathe), our With sufficient equipment and complete staffing (all are masters with more than 15 years of experience), our advantage is to ensure the quality of molds and hardware according to the agreed time, and free warranty during the production of molds in our factory.

  3. 3
    Matching logo custom processing

    We have a complete set of suppliers who can provide product oil injection, electroplating, silk screen printing, and laser engraving processing. We also assist in providing other processing services (circuit board development, casting, hardware stamping, etc.) according to customer needs.

  4. 4
    Assembly assembly processing

    We have 5 assembly lines, which can provide assembly services according to customer’s product needs. The products we assemble mainly involve assembly services such as electronic scales, electronic lighters, solar lamps, children’s lanterns, chargers, etc.

  5. 5
    Packaging and printing customization

    We have stable packaging and printing suppliers, who can provide one-stop shipping according to customer needs, suitable for e-commerce teams without goods. At the same time, we have stable first-class global freight forwarders, ready for you to go to sea at any time.

Latest Projects




Reply within 12H, quote within 24 hours


Quality assurance, all materials are raw materials, material certification and reports can be provided


Continuous tracking, product after-sales guarantee


Complete staffing, the factory has 12 engineers, 60 operators and 5 salesmen


Fully equipped, with 30 plastic production equipment, 21 machining equipment, 25 semi-automatic equipment, and 6 quality inspection equipment


One-stop service, can provide a variety of supporting services, please ask the salesman for details



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