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JUNTAI is a rubber plastic silicone factory in Dongguan, China, the factory has been established for 16 years. With 20 years of experience in the design and development team, we have our own mold manufacturing department. Our main products are high-quality plastic casings (chargers, routers, etc.), rubber and plastic products, and silicone products. Our main advantage is that we can make the appearance and requirements that customers want, with high cost performance and stable quality;

Our Services

We have professional technology and excellent service

  1. Custom Plastic Products

    The factory produces 30 sets of rubber products equipment (including 16 sets of injection molding machines and 14 sets of rubber and silicone injection molding equipment); our main products are high-quality plastic shells (chargers, routers, etc.) and rubber and plastic products ( Rubber pads, encapsulation, etc.), silicone products (medical equipment, children’s toys, etc.), our main advantages are high production efficiency, quality commitment, and cost can be controlled according to;

  2. Mold customization and hardware processing

    We have 21 sets of mold processing equipment (5 CNC machining centers; 6 grinding machines; 3 milling machines; 2 drilling machines; 1 polishing machine; 2 spark machines; 1 laser engraving machine; 1 lathe), our With sufficient equipment and complete staffing (all are masters with more than 15 years of experience), our advantage is to ensure the quality of molds and hardware according to the agreed time, and free warranty during the production of molds in our factory.

  3. Matching logo custom processing

    We have a complete set of suppliers who can provide product oil injection, electroplating, silk screen printing, and laser engraving processing. We also assist in providing other processing services (circuit board development, casting, hardware stamping, etc.) according to customer needs.

  4. Assembly assembly processing

    We have 5 assembly lines, which can provide assembly services according to customer’s product needs. The products we assemble mainly involve assembly services such as electronic scales, electronic lighters, solar lamps, children’s lanterns, chargers, etc.

Factory Details

Our factory has 30 injection molding equipment (including 16 plastic equipment and 14 rubber and silicone injection molding equipment);
There are 74 employees (including 10 mold engineers; 4 quality inspectors; 3 process engineers; 32 operators; 5 administrative staff; 20 assembly line operators);
15 sets of mold processing equipment (2 CNC machines; 3 grinding machines; 3 milling machines; 2 drilling machines; 1 polishing machine; 2 spark machines; 1 laser engraving machine; 1 lathe);
At the same time, we have a number of high-quality plastic products to cooperate with suppliers (including oil injection; silk screen; laser engraving; raw materials; hardware; automatic assembly line; packaging consumables; PCBA development, etc.)
I hope we can solve the development and solutions of rubber and plastic products for you, and look forward to your reply. You can visit our store for details, which is a demonstration of our strength. You can also send pictures and related details, and we will reply to your quotation consultation within 24H. thanks for reading, thanks

Our Team

Who’s behind the scenes?

Molly Hong
Business executives
Engaged in the plastics industry in 2012, with rich enthusiasm and experience, to better solve business problems for you
Danny Zhang
Technology Director
Since 2006, he has been engaged in the plastic and mold industry. He has many years of design experience and is responsible for the technical support of the team.
Jane Yang
Started accounting work in 2004, responsible for the overall financial situation of the company
Tony Zhang
Responsible for the overall operation of the company and make corresponding adjustments in a timely manner
4280Developed mold
534Export products (tons)
865000Product shipments (sets)
368Transaction customer group

Brief History of Our Company

March, 2004

The factory was established in Dongguan, China and named dgchuangyi

February, 2006

The factory expanded the injection molding department and started the production of plastic products related products

March, 2012

The factory was relocated and expanded, adding 30 injection molding machines and mold processing equipment, and the business gradually developed overseas

May, 2015

In order to meet the different needs of customers, we began to seek cooperation in various supply chains, and gradually moved to a one-stop procurement layout to continuously improve customer experience.

March, 2020

Set up JUNTAI business, build a brand, serve overseas customers, strive to meet customer needs, stabilize product quality, and improve customer experience


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